• Allison Graham

A Reflection of the 20th & early 21st Century Growth in the Technology Ecosystem: Part 1

It is hard to think of immersive realities as futuristic environments today when we have a vast majority of our corporations, institutions, governments and populace collaboratively and cognitively working in co-authored spaces. Regarding learning and the older educational ecosystem, many districts, administrators, educators, parents and students wearing haptic body suits, enjoyed visual, audio, smells and journeys'; being inside and implanted into and within the gear provided now through our unified global community.

Today, we can scarcely remember a time when we were not immersed in the endless fascination and possibilities immersive, environments afford. In our Great-Grandparents time, they had a much more Sisyphean existence. Once the pandemic of 2020-2222, and the subsequent human plague that eradicated four-thirds of the earth's population The Horizon Event. Thankfully, leaders had foresight which enabled them to nurture the best genetic samples of the human species deep within the vast subsurface cities and calm waters of Oceania.

As dialectician leaders waited for the tide waters to reach target levels, teams worked day and night ensuring the enhancement of the human species for our return to the surface, above the waters, to terra firma for us to reinhabit. Unrecognizable from current archaeology, historians and eRealms RamDrams show pictures of an unrecognizable earth. A planet filled with black oceans, caspian wastelands, waterless deserts, unsustainable overcrowded populations breeding disease, undrinkable waters, poisoned air and climate desolation onto their own planet and species. Primordial, these earlier hominids concerned themselves only in the interest of one self, instead of collaboratively working together in shared spaces of community learning. These early civilizations from pre-2020, used colored sheets of various colors, hues, gradients which they called paper. Instead of using bio-marker credit implants as we do today, they used this paper they called money which was not based on any value transfer inherent to current times but collectively did imagine perceptual values these early peoples assigned to such pieces of colored paper measured in stacks.

One can hardly imagine such an anachronistic existence without brain implant nero-enhancements, locator tags for our kids who became us, nanites, pica’s which prevent extinct illnesses such as cancer, cognitive delays, or genetic coding errors. Grandparents used to say, “back in my day..” quite humorous now to think of time in days, weeks, months and years.

Older generations spoke against digital addition as if anything emitted from an electronic source could be an activity that was habit-forming.

The advancements of these malevolent devices’ history teaches us, were mobile phones, these aboriginal devices initially contained rudimentary functions such as directions, searching for answers in real-time, kept a digideck of all of their friends, family and acquaintances numbers and geolocations. Ineffable to imagine having such rudimentary calendars, emails, devices made for obsoletion, and the contribution to the annihilation of earth’s surfaces and waters.

Thankfully today, we exist in an esprit of transcendental ecosystems innate intrinsic collaborativity connectivity, social, intrapersonal connections, stitched into our existence not needing any unborn device to complete common functions inherently born inside us all.

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