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  • Allison Graham

I Graduated! Educator Degree Programs Are Not For Teachers. Please Change That!

The past year and a half, I embarked on a new challenge-- graduate school at California Sate University, Channel Islands. I knew that I wanted to focus on immersive reality in education, so what better way to do it than get a degree in that? Little did I know that most M.A. programs in education are geared towards teachers, and only teachers. Who knew! As much as they used to language of "educational leaders" and "professionals" in their advertising, the program was a struggle for anyone not directly associated with a school. From assignments that asked for a tour of your classroom (clearly this was pre-COVID), to projects that required fiend notes from a school, anyone like me who was not directly affiliated with students had to work twice as hard to even do the bare minimum of completing assignments. For my culminating assignment, I decided to draw out a narrative of what it was like for me going through this program as a non-teacher. Please take a moment to read and reflect.

If you are a professor or trainer for "educators" (broadly defining), WHO is your program for? Is this clearly advertised? What if you have someone like me in your class? How will you fairly structure your assignments and learning objectives? HOW will my learning needs and objectives be met? WHAT does occupational equity look like?

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